The Nebula is simply dreamy with its harmonious curves, swirling edges and universal appeal. A design that transcends all others.

The striking focal point of the Nebula is the huge underwater ledge, this pool is perfect for relaxing not only by the side of the pool but also relaxing inside the pool.


A smaller version of the Axiom, the Nebula offers multiple depths, step options and unprecedented bench seating. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing with friends on a warm summer afternoon, a Nebula will become an integral part of your home enjoyment.


Shallow End
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    We are now closed for the winter season. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for a great pool season.


    We will continue to answer phones, emails and return voicemails during regular business hours Monday to Friday throughout the winter season (November - March).

    To meet with one of our office/sales reps, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.


    Have a great winter season and STAY SAFE!

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