Pools & Landscaping

There are virtually limitless options when it comes to designing your backyard. From gorgeous water features and specialized fencing to premium decking and beautiful spillovers. Regardless of your vision, we have the tools and knowhow to make your vision a reality.

Fibreglass Pool & Spa Installation


At Barrie Fibreglass Pools & Spas, we offer only the most professional installation. We pride ourselves on using top quality installation materials and the best fibreglass pools in the industry. Our sales staff can help you find the right pool for you and assist you in designing your own backyard oasis. And our on-staff installers ensure that your pool is installed right and exceeds your expectations.​


We sell Trilogy, Leisure and Narellan fibreglass pools and spas in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. With both the Trilogy and Narellan lines of pools you get a 25+ year warranty coupled with their unparalleled manufacturing quality control. To find out how you can get into a beautiful Barrie Fibreglass pool or spa, contact us today!.

Custom Decking

When it comes to pool decking, there are many choices. Interlock stone provides a nice, linear look whereas flag stone has a more natural look. Concrete has many options on its own. Regular concrete has a clean finish and stamping and/or colouring the concrete is an affordable and elegant way to surround your pool.


Stone coping is another element that can be added to the pool deck. It outlines the pool with an interlock-type stone that can either be bull-nosed or tumbled edged. Coping accents the pool's outline and provides a nice contrast.


Regardless of your decking choice, our expert installers can take care of all your decking needs.

Beautiful Fencing


Fencing enclosing your pool area is required by the township in almost all situations. It not only gives you piece of mind knowing your pool is inaccessible to the public, but also adds defined, finished look to your backyard oasis.


With options like wrought-iron style aluminium to add tasteful refinement or glass panel fencing to make your space feel more open while imparting a feeling of sophistication, our sales staff can help you choose the best option for your vision and budget.

Spectacular Water Features


Water features not only bring a visual element to your backyard masterpiece, but also the sound of the running water is soothing and relaxing. Enjoy the effect of bubblers that gush up from the pool's shallow surfaces. Or deck jets that spurt from the surrounding deck and arc into the pool like you can usually only see in Las Vegas. Adding a waterfall can make you feel like your in a forgotten grotto.


These water features are an affordable way to make your pool look like it came straight out of a magazine. Ask us about the various water features we can offer you.

Tanning Ledges & Spas


The addition of a tanning ledge or spa to your pool not only adds style to your backyard but also functionality. Many of our pool models have specifically built companion fibreglass spas and ledges the fit seamlessly into the curvature of the shell. These create a stunning visual effect when raised slightly above the pool level and can be made to spill over into the pool producing a waterfall effect.

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Hand sanitizer is available immediately when you enter and all common and high traffic areas are being sanitized after each guest has completed their shopping experience. 

We are answering phones and emails, offering free water tests as well as offering curbside pick-up and local delivery for chemicals.


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