Pool Covers

Covering your pool in all seasons is important! 

Covering your pool is important in all seasons however each season requires a different style of cover. 

Maintaining heat and chemical balance in the summer can be easy with a solar cover (blanket). Cut to fit to the pools size can ensure proper water chemistry and prolong the swimming season, soaking up all those sun rays!

A solar cover assists with keeping debris like leaves and twigs out of the pool, saving on pool maintenance time, allowing you to enjoy more swimming time!

While The winter months call for a more durable and semi-permanent cover. Keeping pets and kids safe is important under all that snow, a waterbag cover or safety cover is ideal for the winter season. in the winter can be achieved with a proper winter cover.

Whatever cover you search for for any season, let us help you find the right cover for you! 

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We are now closed for the winter season. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for a great pool season.


We will continue to answer phones, emails and return voicemails during regular business hours Monday to Friday throughout the winter season (November - March).

To meet with one of our office/sales reps, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Have a great winter season and STAY SAFE!

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