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Safety Covers

Take the Stress out of the Winter Months...

Safety covers not only protect your pool in the winter, but also act as a security feature.

With their trampoline-like construction, you will never have to worry about children or pets falling in during the cold months.

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Mesh & Solid Safety Covers

Mesh safety covers are a popular choice for homeowners – and with good reason. Mesh safety covers are reliable, safe, and highly durable. 

Mesh safety covers for winter are ideal to protect your pool during colder months. They allow precipitation to pass through easily, which eliminates the need for a submersible pump, and allows water to drain into the pool during the winter.

In addition to their durability, mesh pool covers are also lighter and easier to manage than other pool covers – making pool management easier than ever before.

All of our safety covers are ordered and manufactured through Latham Pools.

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Safety Covers are custom fit to each individual pool. 

Please call the office for a quote on a cover for you. 

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