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Automatic Covers

At Barrie Fibreglass Pools & Spas when we have a client who would like an automatic cover, we go to the best with Coverstar Canada

Welcome to Coverstar™ Canada

For 15 years Coverstar has been supplying and installing world leading Automatic Safety Cover brands throughout Canada.

Their coast to coast network of builders and dealers offer Canadian pool owners with cover systems that not only keep their family, friends, neighbours and pets safe but also provide the added benefit of enjoying a cleaner and more energy efficient pool. And, with the flip of a switch, our Automatic Safety Cover systems are easy and convenient to operate multiple times a day, allowing pool owners the peace of mind to know that your Automatic Safety Cover will provide safety and security you want whenever you are not using your pool.

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Automatic Covers are custom installed each individual pool. 

Please call the office if you are interested in an automatic cover for your pool installation. 

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